S series of stationary professional compressor units with a capacity of 500 dm3/min that
    operate at a pressure of 45 MPa. High-pressure air compressor is designed for charging cylinders of breathing apparatus with compressed air to a pressure of 45 MPa or 29.4 MPa as bypassed from the receiver through the pressure reducer (the receiver is ordered separately and can be up to 200 l in capacity). Compressed air quality complies with EN12021. The compressor unit can be either stationary or mobile (truck-mounted). The compressor unit can be used for general industrial purposes for charging cylinders with compressed air or nitrogen.

    Motor drive type: three-phase asynchronous (11 kW or 15 kW).

    Design features:
    • the electronic system automatically turns off the compressor at a pressure of 45.2 ±0.1 MPa;
    • all compression stages are equipped with pressure and temperature sensors;
    • removable control panel designed to charge cylinders in a convenient place remote or isolated from the compressor (an extension cable and tubes or high pressure hoses of the required length are subject to a separate order);
    • emergency sound and light alarms will warn the operator about the deviation from the normal pressure and temperature of the compression stages, and will turn off the compressor in case of deviation from the normal pressure and oil level in the lubrication system;
    • the soft starter not only protects the motor from overload during start-up and overheating, but also the entire power supply system from power surges and phase imbalance; automatic condensate discharge;
    • automatic system for monitoring the status of the filter cartridge with light indication displayed on the front panel;
    • belt tension adjustment system; thermal motor protection against overload;
    • Ultimate pressure valve, MPa 46.2±0.8
    • Temperature range, °С: +5...40
    • Height above sea level, m: 1500
    • Number of stages of compressor unit 4
    • Condensate removal automatic
    • Volume of purified air, m³, min. 1700
    • Overall dimensions, mm 1330х1548х800
    • Weight, kg, max.: 450
    • Service life, years 10

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