The SDS Diving shoes are intended to compensate the positive buoyancy of a diver as well as to ensure the stability of a diver on the bottom in the upright position.

The SDS shoes improve higher degree of protection for the diver's feet from sharp and abrasive objects as well as impacts. The SDS shoes extend the life of all types of diving suit in the most severe conditions by protecting the lower suit parts from abrasion.

The SDS shoes' safety sole is made from special abrasive resistance rubber. The sole has a heavy ribbed pattern to prevent slipping. The toe guard is made of robust composite material. The inner sole provides an ergonomic fit. All belts and the top of the shoes are made from durable rubber. Shoes bolts are made of stainless still. Patented connection of the all elements of shoes in the single construction provides high reliability.
  • Toe guard impact resistance – 200 J
  • Lifetime of SDS Diving shoes – 1000 hours or 5 years
  • SDS-H (heavy): Kg18-22
  • SDS-M (medium): Kg10-12
  • SDS-L (light): Kg14-16

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