TU 8570-047-38996367-2004 with II 005-2011. Meets GOST R 53264-2009.

Designed for individual comprehensive protection of a person during fire fighting and rescue operations in the zone of combined beta-gamma irradiation, including during fires and accidents at nuclear reactors.

Designed to protect against external exposure to beta and partially gamma radiation, elevated temperatures, heat fluxes, the penetration (incorporation) of radioactive gases and aerosols through the respiratory and digestive tract, as well as radioactive contamination of the skin and mucous membranes.

RZK suit prevents from a subtotal radiation burn and reduces the effect of penetrating radiation on organs and tissues, taking into account their different sensitivity to radiation, thereby increasing the likelihood of protecting the life during uncontrolled overexposure, as well as increasing the length of time spent in the zone of controlled radiation.

The length of stay of personnel in the zone of increased combined gamma radiation depends on the equivalent dose rate and should be based on dose limits established by the NRB-99 Radiation Safety Standards for group A.

  • Ambient temperature, °С Time in use, minutes:
    • from -40 to +40: 30
    • from +40 to +100: 15
    • from +100 to +150: 3
SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: protection against ionizing radiation in the most protected areas
  • Attenuation factor of exposure to beta radiation with an energy of up to 2 MeV (source Sr⁹⁰), min.: 150
  • Attenuation factor of exposure to gamma radiation with an energy of up to 122 KeV (source Co⁹⁷), min.: 5.5
  • Donning time (with help of one assistant), minutes, min.: 5
  • Self-undressing time until airway is free, sec, max.: 20
  • Weight, kg, max.: 25
  • self-contained suit with hood, window, breathing apparatus compartment, gloves and boots;
  • heat and radiation protective suit;
  • protective hood;
  • radiation protection: bib overall, neck curtain, underpants, boot insoles;
  • hygienic moisture-absorbing underwear.

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