PTS Basis

PTS Basis Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus is designed for the individual protection of the human respiratory system and eyes from the harmful effects of irrespirable toxic and smoky gas environment during fire-fighting operations in buildings and at various industrial sites at ambient temperatures ranged from -40°C to + 60°С.

The apparatus maintains the same specification after being in an environment with a temperature of +200°C for 60 seconds and can withstand an open flame of +800 ± 50°C for 5 seconds.
  1. Original harness system with heat-resistant belts and an ergonomically shaped backplate taking into account the anatomical features of a person as equipped with a chest strap with a quickdetachable adjustable buckle and wide soft shoulder pads. Easy-to-use harness system is equipped with a lap belt with a soft pad.
  2. A holder is mounted on the waist belt of the harness system for attaching the lung demand valve.
  3. General-purpose fastening system suitable for all types of cylinders is simple and reliable.
  4. Newly designed metal buckles in combination with effective technology for fitting shoulder straps and belt tension in two movements make it easy and quick to put on and take off the apparatus.
  5. Cylinder valve has a reinforced design and high operational reliability. Available is a version with a cylinder pressure indicator (optional) and a safety device designed to protect the cylinder from destruction due to an uncontrolled increase in its pressure.
  6. High-performance balanced first stage pressure reducer can operate at an operating pressure of 200 or 300 bar and has a small but robust housing. No adjustment is required while in service.
  7. Warning whistle unit is compact in design and highly reliable. Rubber lining reliably protects the pressure gauge and whistle from being shocked and clogged.
  8. Small-weight lung demand valve with push-in connection demonstrates high performance and maintains uniform positive pressure under facepiece at various respiratory loads.
  9. Panorama Nova Full Face Mask is a classic example of a full face mask and is ideal in terms of wearing and breathing comfort. A dual-disk shutter ensures a complete and at the same time very comfortable fit. Window, which gives an excellent view, does not fog up due to the sophisticated ventilation system, and the intercom diaphragm provides the ability to communicate.
  10. Hood-type rescue device with positive pressure¬ and constant air flow is designed so that it can be put on as simply as possible, regardless of the shape of the face and size of the head (optional).
  11. Adapter with a quick coupling connection to connect the lung demand of the main facepiece ensures a reliable connection of the lung demand valve to the pressure reducer. The adapter is maintenance-free throughout the service life and has an specified life of more than 15,000 coupling / disconnecting cycles.
  12. General-purpose adapter with a quick coupling connection for connecting a rescue device is designed to connect any rescue device with a unified fitting.

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