PTS Profi-MT

PTS Profi-MT Breathing Apparatus is a modification of the commercially available Profi-M Breathing Apparatus. The operation of Profi-MT Breathing Apparatus jointly with the Rescue Beacon provides the following functions:
  • measurement and indication of the air pressure in the cylinder (bar) and the sending these data to MPPS;
  • calculation and indication of the remaining time of the protective action (in minutes) and sending these data to MPPS;
  • automatic generation of an alarm if the firefighter or rescuer does not move (for 40 sec) and sending these data to MPPS;
  • Alarm mode can be activated by manually pressing keys on the MS, while the alarm also goes to the MPPS;
  • while in the Alarm mode, the MS generates a sound and light alert;
  • The MS generates an "All to Exit" sound signal upon receipt of the corresponding alarm from MPPS
If the Rescue Beacon is not in use, the Profi-MT works like a regular breathing apparatus of the Profi-M type.

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