PP-M1; PP-M2

PP-M Firefighter Overcoat is designed to equip the senior staff of the Main Directorates, Directorates and large divisions of the State Fire Service of the EMERCOM of Russia, which manages the extinguishing operations of large fires, e.g. for the heads of the Firefighting Controls, which are exposed to harmful fire factors for a long time (high temperatures, high-intensity heat fluxes and possible high flame), as well as adverse climatic effects (wind, precipitation, low temperatures down to -50°С).

Designed using the basic systems - BOP-1-M Firefighter Turnout Gear and combat BOP-1-S-50 Firefighter Turnout Gear for the northern regions of Russia.

PP-M1 Firefighter Overcoat with a detachable hood, stand-up collar, with a central zipper protected by a valve, chest half-volume pocket on the right front and a walkie-talkie pocket on the left front, two side halfvolume pockets with valves. All pockets with holes for water drainage. On the sides there are two firefighter belt loops and a tie along the waist line. Sleeves are sewn-in with reinforcing elbow pads made of upper material, heat-resistant knitted wristbands (half-belt) in the wrist area at the bottom of the sleeves. The lapped yoke overlapping the shoulder seam creates a protective layer from getting overheated and wet.

The label "EMERCOM Fire Department" on the back. The main detachable liner is a combination of two layers: moisture protective layer and lining. The liner is connected to the top with a textile fastener; patch pockets with a valve are on the fronts.

Additional detachable heat-protective liner with a detachable fur collar.
The liner is connected to the top with a zipper. The Firefighter Overcoat includes a fur vest, knitted cap comforter and one-fingered mittens consisting of two separate pairs of mittens dressed one on top of the other.

The difference of the PP-M2 Firefighter Overcoat lies in snapshackle fastener, sewn-in hood and fur collar.

  • Resistance to ambient temperature of 300 °С, sec, min. 300
  • Resistance to heat flux
    • 5 kW/m²; sec, min. 240
    • 40 kW/m²; sec, min. 5
  • Resistance to contact with hard surfaces heated to 400 °С, sec, min. 7
  • Resistance to open flame, sec, min. 15
  • Weight, kg, max. 5

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